General Chemistry II: CHE 120

Sample quizzes covering all of the topics of General (inorganic) Chemistry II

Quiz 1: Liquid Solutions
Quiz 2: Chemical Kinetics
Quiz 3: Equilibrium
Quiz 4: Acids and Bases
Quiz 5: pH Buffers
Quiz 6: Ksp (Solubility Product)
Quiz 7: Chemical Thermodynamics
Quiz 8: Redox (Oxidation and Reduction)
Quiz 9: Nuclear Chemistry

Pre-Lab assignments
Lab 1
Lab 2
Lab 3
Lab 4
Lab 5
Lab 6
Lab 7
Lab 8
Lab 9
Lab 10 -- No Pre-lab: Qualitative analysis on three unknown cations the first three groups
Lab 11 - Removed from the course
Lab 12

Lab assistance for Qualitative Analysis (Lab 7 - 9)
Qualitative Analysis Completed Data sheet
Qualitative Analysis Step-by-Step instructions (condensed)
Qualitative Analysis Groups

Test Practice Questions (With answers)
Unit 1 Practice Test 1

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